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|The idea of building hollow wooden surfboards seems to have come out of nowhere for me.  It feels as though it entered into my conscience one day, took firm hold, and has yet to loosen its grip. 


The amount of planning, formulating, and experimenting that takes place when designing an unconventional product such as this, is quite overwhelming at first.  However, the satisfaction of riding a board, crafted out of ones own imagination, innovation, and physical tenacity is exceedingly rewarding.  To be able to share and help bring out this feeling in others would be truly magnificent.

Being a carpenter, the use of wood as a material of choice is almost second nature. I find myself often taken back when asked,"why wood?".  Surfing has a deep-seeded connection with wood. In fact, the reason that the industry switched to foam-core boards was not necessarily to enhance the surfing experience, but rather to be able to mass-produce a product that was quickly growing in popularity.  Unfortunately, polystyrene (styrofoam) is a synthetic petroleum-based product that, not only creates a great deal of air pollution through the use of hydroflorocarbons in its manufacturing stage, but also does not decompose; therefore, making up for the majority of marine debris around the world.  By using wood, we can minimize the carbon footprint that the sport is making on our environment, without compromising performance and visual appeal.   




Big 'O' Bords is a proud supporter and promoter of reforestation and urges everyone to do their part in preserving our lands.

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