Chandra Rath (h*ART) is of dutch - indonesian origin. She started travelling the world at the age of 15.  Tasting, feeling, sensing, and absorbing many different cultures and integrating that in her Art of her dance, her voice and her paintings.  After 40 years of being a 'travelling nomad', the beauty and peacefull surroundings of Costa Rica, 'invited' her to spend most of her time there, where she paints rocks, cantops, wood furniture, very delicate 'mandala type' paintings with paintbrush for the surface and toothpicks for details, which has become one of her 'meditations'.  She regards her life as 'Pura Vida'!

Board Art

To add to the originality of Big 'O' Bords we have teamed up with a few very talented artists.  Not only is each board hand-crafted,  but when choosing a board from Big 'O' Bords you have the option of requesting one of the artists that we are so blessed to work with to add their flavor. The end result......a board truly like no other!  



Chandra's h*ART

With her imagery, Chanti Lee Mironuck reflects a deep connection to spirit. She uses colour to help heal our energetic field, bringing balance to our bodies, minds and spirits. Living close to nature, she whitnesses how delicate it is and how important it is to bring balance to our sacred Mother Earth.....but first we must start within.