Eco Boards

  The carbon pollution emitted from the production and use of surfboards is now raising awareness worldwide.  "The environmental impacts from the surfboards and surfboard production can be broken down into two basic categories: their CO2 footprint (which contributes to the negative impacts from global climate change), and the toxicity level of the materials used for them (which can pollute our water, air, soil, and impact the health of humans that use the materials). For example, a 6'0 surfboard weighs about 5.5 lbs, however it causes over 600 lbs of CO2 to be emitted during the lifecycle of manufacturing, repairs, and disposal" (, Guide to "ECOBOARD" surfboards).

  Returning to wood as the choice for a surfboard and being conscious of the materials we use is one way to reduce our carbon footprint.   Wood is biodegradable and a natural resource that can be replaced through reforestation, which is another way to reduce our carbon footprint...REFORESTATION.   Big 'O' Bords has accomplished to design with sustainably harvested trees from the Costa Rican Jungle and Canada,  a high performing, light weight, and eco-friendly wooden surfboard.


  ACCT - Association Community Carbon Trees explains...

"It all begins with a seed... The dedicated work done by ACCT farmers guarantees that every tree grows to maturity  (true carbon sequestration numbers are based on a 25 year growth cycle). An average ACCT tree sequesters a minimum of 50lbs. of CO2 per year. Over 25 years, each ACCT tree sequesters approximately  1 ton of CO2. Trees deposit valuable biomass to regenerate fertile soil long term. Rainforest destruction releases 260 tonnes of CO2 per acre into the atmosphere. More than 150 acres of rainforest are cleared every minute around the globe. The ACCT tree planting model prevents tropical forests from being cleared or degraded which decreases the netflow of CO2 to the atmosphere. Every tree makes a difference !"


  Big 'O' Bords supports and promotes reforestation by donating a percrentage of sales and a monthly donation to Community Carbon Trees, a non-profit organization based in Costa Rica.


  There is always a better way and Big 'O' Bords is the way!  


  Please download the PDF file below for a way YOU can contribute to reducing YOUR carbon footprint. 

Big 'O' Bords Supports and Promotes Reforestation

Decreasing Our Carbon Footprint in the Surf World